My Interesting Finds

Brewtown Newtown

Glazed cronut

Once you see T2, that’s the street you should be turning onto. So we arrived at Brewtown Newtown at around 10.45am and was advised the waiting time would be an hour. Considering this is so highly rated right now, we decided to deal with the waiting time. Waiting times are usually not so bad but here, we were waiting right at the stairs where the staff would carry trays of cronuts pass us! It was…

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Black Star Pastry {food}

Black Star Pastry {food}

black star pastry 01

The strawberry watermelon cake, is the one main reason there’s always a long line outside of Black Star Pastry in Newtown. If you’re after a spacious dining area, visit the one in Rosebery. However if you’re after what seems to be an unlimited supply of these slices, head to Newtown instead!

This is definitely one of the nicest cakes I’ve ever tried. It’s not just the rose scented cream that…

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Kitchen by Mike

kitchen by mike 01

It’s definitely very difficult to find the location but it’s right where Black Star Pastry is. The entrance to the restaurant/cafe is just via the sliding doors with the sign ‘slide to enter’. It’s as if entering a huge garage where you have no idea what could be in store for you. I definitely really liked the set up of the restaurant because it’s just very chilled and very simple. I love how…

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train ride from Beijing to Xi’An {travel}

photo 111

So my 3 days in Beijing had ended and I was to prepare myself to travel from Beijing railway station to Xi’an via a soft sleeper train. I wouldn’t have known the way from my hotel to Beijing railway station so thank goodness I was taken there by the tour.If you are in need of finding a way to the railway station, other sources such as Lonely Planet and Travel China Guide can be really helpful.…

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Beijing Hutong Rickshaw Sightseeing {travel}


This was definifely one of my best moments. It’s one I’ll never forget because at that moment, I felt as if I had immensed into a culture, becoming a part of a community where none of the hardships become problem to me.

A rickshaw was a means of transport back in the Qing Dynasty. So it definitely adds to this amazing experience. Just sitting in a rickshaw for 15 minutes really allows you to…

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Great Wall of China, Beijing {travel}


I visited the Badaling section of the Great Wall, which is regarded as the best preserved section of the Wall. If you are unaware, the Great Wall of China is the longest defence wall in the World.

The drive to the Great Wall is just beautiful. Even if you see parts of the wall, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re close to the entrance of this attraction. There are so many sections which you can…

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Summer Palace, Beijing {travel}


You can’t go to the Forbidden City and not visit the largest, most beautiful and exquisite imperial garden in the world where the Emperors and his’ family would often spend her time. This place is incredibly beautiful especially during the Springtime with the beautiful royal garden, the lakes, man-made ancient structures and pavilions and towers as well as bridges and the traditional Chinese…

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Temple of Heaven, Beijing {travel}


This is the largest building complex for worshipping the God of Heaven in the world. Compared to the Forbidden City which used yellow tiles for the roofs, this Temple uses blue roof tiles because it symbolises heaven.


You probably won’t be able to recognise that this is indeed the gate to the Temple of Heaven. The actual temple is far inside behind these gates.

IMG_7893You’ll walk down this pathway.



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Beijing 3 Day Tour {travel}

I initially had no Mandarin speaking skills, I’d never been to China & I was going solo. So I thought, why not book a tour and have someone guide me?! And there I did some research and sent out some emails, which then led me to decide on ‘Lead to China‘. The girl I dealt with, Alice was really helpful and organised an itinerary according to my needs based on the number of days I was staying in…

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Forbidden City, Beijing {travel}


On your way to the Forbidden City (north of Tiananmen Square), you will make your way through the Tiananmen Square. This place can be very crowded as most people crowd around here to have a good view of all the different tourist sites in all directions as well as the front portrait of China’s former chairman. If you’re standing in front of the portrait just like the below image, you’ll be…

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Arriving in Beijing {travel}

photo 0

To avoid hassling anyone from having to drop me off at the airport (which is over an hour away from home)and any other associated costs such as petrol, toll & parking; I decided to book return pickup with Hoang Do shuttle services. It’s really affordable and they’re very reliable. Be sure to check out their website or give them a call if you just want to make your own solo way to the airport from…

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